15th to 17th NOVEMBER, 2018



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Mentors’ Forum Int’l is a faith-based organization with a clearly defined objective of helping the less privileged, youths, upcoming superstars and the aged in the society. This is made possible by the vision which entails working with kindhearted partners who are willing to make registration with any of our partners in order to become fully registered on our platform.

However, this partnership comes with good income stream and untold benefits that is better experienced than imagined.


  1. Poder Alternativa Lared (Palared), on digital skills; 2 years & still counting…
  2. Helping Hands International (H2i), on fin. Empowerment; 5years & still counting
  3. Recharge And Get Paid Ltd (RAGP), recharge & earn; 2 years &still counting…
  4. Max-international, the best healthy supplements 11 years & still counting…
  5. Alliance In Motion, USA recognized health agency 12 years & still counting…

With your initial registration on any of these organizations, you become a partner and you will be receiving our weekly seminars both online and offline.

Mentors’ Forum Int’l (MFI) is a sure means of achieving your long sought-after financial stability and independence that will enable you retire the way you desire.

In Mentors’ Forum Int’l (MFI), we not only teach about making money, we also teach you to know about your marital life and health knowing that a healthy couple produces a healthy family. So, you’ll be learning how to earn money to help you in your marriage, career, business, and so on. That is why we are calling on upcoming musical artistes/actors/actresses who needs the services of mentors or coaches to come and learn how to push their skills to the next level. Do you have some skills but you don’t have enough money to execute them? Come! We’ll assist you in your skills and show you the desired character for competence!

In Mentors’ Forum Int’l, we offer the following assistance:

  1. Interest free loan to our members,
  2. Mentorship on financial intelligence,
  3. Financial empowerment services,
  4. Cosmetology training,
  5. Training on website design,
  6. Training on computer programming,
  7. Training on computer repair,
  8. Training on handmade hats, beads, ankara bags, umbrella, cakes production, paints, etc. We produce cosmetic products every week during our seminar and participants go home with their free samples.
  9. We also train our members on how to keep healthy relationship and marriage.

All these are not taught one day but were broken into days, weeks and months.

  1. Modern Agric businesses

We have trained the first batch of professional solar light engineers who passed out on 30th August 2018 after practical on construction of solar light panel and inverter. Now, there can be generating electric light in their various houses 24/7.

Come and add value to your career. Even if you are a salary earner, one single salary alone cannot solve your money problems. Salary is a primary source of income. You need secondary source and that is what is called plan B or residual income. At least, you’ll know how to use your phone and subscribe to your DSTV, Star times, GOTV, pay NEPA bills, and make more money in our RAGP/H2i TOPUP & EARN.

OUR INSTRUCTORS are seasoned lecturers and professionals drawn from different fields: We have doctors, pharmacists, health scientists, engineers, marriage counselors, pastors, radio presenters (On Air Personalities), Agric scientists, etc. If you are skilled in any craft or skills and you can pass the knowledge to others, come!

Remember that members get paid for their instructorship in M.F.I.

Mentors’ Forum Int’l (M.F.I) has a compensation plan for her partner that helps our financial needs and we earn while we learn.

When you become a partner, all you need to do is to share the good news of MFI with your friends, loved ones, colleagues, church members, and we register them under you and you are also paid some bonus for that but because of delay that may arise while looking for two people, in MFI, we don’t really wait for those two referrals to come from you before we register them under you; we work as a team for faster result. What this means is that we register people according to first come first serve basis and the next to register after you becomes your referral. Isn’t that amazing! 

Your registration also serves as your partnership fee. Some people even registered multiple accounts for faster growth and more incomes. Find out how!

Below is the lecture delivered by Mentor Chris during M.F.I inauguration in Nri.



On Tuesday 16th October, 2018, Time: 2pm


Mentors’ Forum Int’l (MFI) comprises of team of entrepreneurs who are bound together by trust, truth and team work. Our goal is to form strong and lasting relationships that are source of support, growth and strength among each registered members.


One thing is to make money, establish a business, recruit staff, get married and build houses; another thing is to know how to manage money, control, care and mentor your staff and children so that your business can outlive you. Lack of quality and adequate mentorship is one of the reasons why many businesses fail, married couples divorce, and other social vices committed in our society, etc.

Our weekly mentorship courses are free and it focuses on 5major key areas of our lives as follows:

  1. Spiritual Wellbeing
  2. Health Without Drugs, (many people suffer as a result of ignorance)
  3. Family Life (such as relationship issues, marriage and parenting),
  4. Financial Intelligence, and
  5. Agricultural Businesses






There are things you can do for yourself in spite of the condition we find ourselves in this country. We introduce to you different opportunities you can take advantage of and smile back at success.

We’ll also teach you how to invest on the internet. The internet is the highest miracle of our time. Someone said that they are more jobs in the internet than the number of people in Nigeria put together. In other words, if we know how to invest in the internet, there will be no more unemployment again in Nigeria.

Although, a lot of opportunities exist in the internet, we still have the good, the bad and the ugly, yet, if you can discover genuine opportunity which you can do on the internet you can make a livelihood.

In today’s world, you don’t need to work hard as our forefathers did. All you need to do is to work smart.

We will be teaching you various 21st century skills. There are different kinds of skills out there but the question is how relevant are they to our present dispensation? In this platform, we will teach you the following:

  1. How to construct and install solar light so that you can become your own electric power generator. This will help you to put to an end your “monthly payment of darkness bills.” Our first batch on this training did their first practical on 30th August, 2018 at Liberty suites, Awka.
  2. We will also teach you computer programming and computer website design. If you are able to design website, you are made for life. This is because, in the next 5 years and above, every business man/woman would love to own a website and those who took advantage of this platform will be hired to design their sites.
  3. We will also teach you other life time opportunities like how to make paints, cosmetics of different types, roll-on, disinfectants, body spray, insecticides, liquid soap, air refresher, car wash, fish business, snail business, making money from waste products, poultry farming, making agric feeds by yourself, bead making, hat making, car tracking technology and lots more.
  4. Computer repairs, online importation, satellite/dish installation, manual plastic cards production, vehicle GPS tracking, buying and selling services online, etc.

Together we can make Nigeria a better place to be. Enough of our youths dying on their way to Libya or drowning in Atlantic Ocean while crossing to other continents. We can make it here in Nigeria.



Our youths are at cross-road as a result of lack of quality mentorship and poor educational system. Absence of quality mentorship has been identified as the major challenges hampering the development of youths in the country. Our future remains bleak if appropriate measures are not employed in building them.

For instance, in the olden days, our parents educated their children mostly through mentorship. We had mentors. We did apprenticeship. We followed what our mentors did and from it good farmers, blacksmiths, traders, entrepreneurs and so many other professionals were produced.

In today’s Nigeria, most fathers and parents are so busy to make an end meet that none has time to look after the young people and direct their energies to achieve positive outcomes. The resultant effect is materialism and quick means of making money.

We appeal to the government to provide enabling environment to help our youths develop their potentials and fulfill their dreams. Otherwise, we will continue to produce graduates who have no means of livelihood.

Mentors’ Forum Int’l believes that the only way our youths can make positive impact in the society is through mentoring on skill acquisition and learning how to start small and grow big. This is how we can build a united Nigeria.


  1. We have invited the South East representative of the Poder Alternativa Lared (Palared), Rev. Father (Dr.) Favor Onyia on 14th July, 2018;
  2. We have been conducting weekly seminars on solar light and cosmetology and very soon we will kick off the training on Website design, computer programming as enshrined in our program;
  3. We have opened a training center from Palared Awka centre in Enugu-Agidi, Njikoka L.G.A, Anambra State;
  4. We have kicked off another training center at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Nri, Anaocha L.G.A, Anambra State. We meet by 2pm every Tuesday;
  5. In order to carry those outside Anambra State along, we are now on radio, you can now listen to us every week on the following frequencies:

Alpha Radio 106.5Fm morning session – Sunday 7:50am,

                                                            evening session – Tuesday – 8:30pm

Wazobia Fm Onitsha, and Gist Fm Ogidi, yet to start.

For our weekly seminar presentations, pictures and videos, visit: www.mentorsforumintl.com Or call: 090-3969-4280, 070-1544-4591

Mentors’ Forum Int’l, where TEAM work makes your DREAM work! If you are scared because of MMM. This is not MMM. If you are good and you want us to shape the position of network marketing in Nigeria, don’t keep quiet. Evil thrives where good people like you do nothing!