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An online  mentoring community that specialized on family life, ministry, spiritual life, health education and personal development.



  • There is a gradual decrease of mentor-figures in the church today which the youths need for excellence in their ministry and career and attain fulfillment in their destinies.
  • Many churches are not only care-takers but possessors of the believers that worship with them and the spiritual fruits of their captives are hindered and they continue to serve where they have no vision.
  • Certain skills, training, capabilities are needed in today’s youth and there is a need for a forum, where lectures would be taken, if they will emerge into mentors and leaders, or whatever they may choose to be in their respective fields in future.

We live in a time where young people no longer feel like they matter in the society and nobody is correcting that notion.

In the past, the youths were mentored and disciplined by the community. There were credible mentors and models in every career. But today, we want it very fast and nobody wants to be mentored.

Mentors’ Forum Int’l is set among other things, to train, mentor and maximize the potentials of the youths who values the importance of mentoring before success and not get rich quick syndrome through questionable miracles.



To train and build a world class mentoring centre that will nurture and promote talents amongst the youth in all fields of life.

To help build a nation of youths where peace and justice shall be supreme

To stand against wealth without work

Pleasure without conscience

Knowledge without character

Commerce without morality

Religion without sacrifice

And politics without principles

We will achieve this by making the Word of God the standard for our lives. We will no longer conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds daily by the word of God.



To bring denominational churches into Christian-unity through the belief and practices of the faith as was delivered unto the saints – Ephesians 4:12 thereby establishing a forum where believers and ministers can receive biblical and ministerial training that will not lack the basic needs of life, through self-discovery program and life changing mentorship.



  • To establish a body of believers to be known as Mentors’ Forum Int’l who would be trained to train others in line with the Word of God – 2 Timothy 2:2
  • To own websites, radio stations, Television channels, for publishing and reaching the world at a time.
  • To establish Bible colleges where members meet and educate others in line with the Word of God.
  • To inspire youths through role modeling by serving as an avenue where mentor figures would provide youths with direction and guidance.
  • Giving classified and well targeted lectures to youths to equip them with knowledge that fosters development so as to curb the rate of social vices.

(These lecturers will come from professionals who may be selected from different fields of human endeavors).




  1. To conduct more than 1000 classified lectures with consultants and experts on different topics such as:
  • How to discover the will of God for their lives
  • How to infect the people (the earth) with the Kingdom of Heaven
  • How to be in the perfect will of God
  • How to understand God’s purpose for their lives
  • How to live healthy without drugs
  • How to start a healthy relationship
  • How to marry without tears or regrets
  • How to engage in businesses (entrepreneurship development)
  • How to attract and retain their marital partner
  1. To rehabilitate drug addicts by sending them to the professionals in that field.
  2. To embark on redefining the image of Valentine Day by organizing talent shows, talk shows, prayer sessions, and Valentine parties yearly.
  3. To inspire adults to pursue university education in continuing Education program (adult education).
  4. To conduct road show and street clean-up exercise.
  5. To organize reach out programs in secondary and tertiary institutions.
  6. To celebrate the Christmas season with the disables, motherless babies, the destitute and others by organizing talent shows and a motivational parties. Etc.