Welcome to Mentors’ Forum Int’l (MFI) in collaboration with
Solar Energy Installation Training and Skill Acquisition Seminar
Intent of the training:

  1. To produce professional solar engineers with certificates that can be recognized all over the world in the following areas:
    A. Full Solar Installation,
    B. Inverter installation,
    C. Streetlight installation.
  2. Train members to construct by themselves the following:
    A. Solar Power Bank,
    B. Normal Power Bank,
    C. How to Install CCTV Camera with handset monitor.
  3. Bonus: To train members on how to use solar products and make money thereby making them to be self reliant.
  4. Mentors’ Forum Int’l is an organization with a clearly defined objective of helping the less privileged, youths, upcoming superstars and the aged in the society. This is made possible by the vision which entails working with kindhearted partners who are willing to make registration in any of our partners in order to become fully registered on our platform.
    However, this partnership comes with good income stream and untold benefits that is better experienced than imagined.
    With your one time registration you become a partner with any of these organizations and you will receive our 3-6 days seminars and training both online and offline.
    Mentors’ Forum Int’l is a sure means of achieving your long sought-after financial stability and independence that will enable you retire the way you desire.
    In Mentors’ Forum Int’l (MFI), we do not only teach about making money, we also teach our members what they need to know about their marital life, how to live healthy without drugs knowing that a healthy couple produces a healthy and wealthy family. So, you’ll be learning how to make money and also earn money to help you in your marriage, career, business, and so on. Come! We’ll assist you in your skills and teach you the full meaning of competence!
    In our academy, we offer the following assistance/training:
  5. Mentorship on financial intelligence,
  6. Financial empowerment services,
  7. Full solar installation, inverter, streetlight installation,
  8. Power bank construction, solar power bank construction and CCTV Camera Installation using your phone,
  9. Over 33 different training on cosmetology which includes snacks,
  10. Training on Website Design, Social Media Master-class, digital skills and marketing, YouTube monetization, choosing career in digital world.
  11. Computer programming,
  12. Training on computer repair,
  13. Modern Agri-business Fishery, Poultry, Piggery, Rabbit Business, Snail Business, Crops, Fruits, and Vegetable Business, Plantation Business, Exportation Business, Food Processing, Storage, Packaging, (from A-Z).
  14. Training on handmade hats, beads, ankara bags, umbrella, cakes production, etc.
  15. We train paint manufacturers such as emulsion, disinfectant and liquid wash. During our practical participants go home with their free samples.
  16. We also train our members on how to keep healthy relationship and make money through social media,
    All these are not to be taught one day but were broken into days, weeks and months.
    We have trained the first and second batch of professional solar light engineers who did their practical on 30th August and 15th November 2018 respectively on how to construct solar light panel, inverter and install streetlight.
    Come and add value to your career and marriage. Even if you are a salary earner, one single salary alone cannot solve your money problems. Salary is a primary source of income. You need secondary source and that is what is called plan B or residual income.
    At least, you need to know how to use your phone and subscribe to your DSTV, Star times, GOTV, pay NEPA bills, and even make more money for doing them.
    Our instructors are seasoned lecturers and professionals drawn from different fields: We have doctors, pharmacists, health scientists, engineers, marriage counselors, pastors, radio presenters (On Air Personalities), etc. That is why we want you to get paid for your own skill starting from today. If you are skilled in any craft and you can pass the knowledge to others, come! Remember that members get paid for their instructorship in MFI.
    Mentors’ Forum Int’l (MFI) has a compensation plan for her partner which is why we are here. We promise to help your financial needs so that you earn while we learn.
    For more inquires contact 090-3969-4280 or visit our website at

What We Noticed
We’ve come to notice that many businesses fail because we have a lot of novice in the business, people who just delve into the business without a single idea on how to go about the business.
For instance, Agrobusiness is beyond buying A Day Old Chick, Piglets, Fingerlings, Snails, etc and feeding them. No! You need to undergo training, attach yourself to a farm or better still follow a mentor. That is why we are called “MENTORS’ FORUM.”
In this time and age you cannot afford to makes mistakes while there are available information. Just that this information and mentorship come with a price and we advise you not to be stingy or greedy and say you will not pay for their services. The truth is that you will end up making a lot of unnecessary mistakes. And each mistake you make in your start up is money.

  1. Mentor Chris Academy which is the platform that is in charge of these training is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number BN 2741354. This means it can sue and be sued to court for any breach of contract or any criminality.
  2. Mentor Chris Academy has a physical office at Room 1 Living Word Fellowship Premises, Opposite Amawbia Garage, By Adam and Eve Bus Stop/NEPA Office, Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria and our International Head Office is under construction at near Colester School, Gudwi Area, Garki Abuja.
  3. Mentor Chris Academy has a corporate account with which you can trace us using our Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  4. Mentor Chris Academy has a competent and hardworking CEO based in Nigeria who is physically seen and not one ghost CEO online or overseas who is capable of closing the website and run away with your payment.
  5. Mentors’ Forum Intl has trained over 100 participants and passed out professional solar engineers (first pass out was on 30/08/2018, second pass out was on 15/11/2018, and more people are going to pass out this year.
  6. We make few promises that we can keep: which is to train registered members, empower them through knowledge and mentor them to success. REMEMBER THAT THE TRAINING IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY BUT FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR FINANCE, HEALTH, FAMILY AND CAREER.

For salary earners…as you collect your salary, I want you to ponder on what Robert Mugabe, The Former President of Zimbabwe said…
“When your salary comes in time, you eat chicken. As the salary reduces you eat products of chicken (eggs) and subsequently you begin to eat chicken’s food, (maize and millet), and finally, when salary is finished, you become chicken itself, spending your time walking around just looking for what to eat.”
Your salary alone cannot solve all your problems. Choose plan B please.
Think INVESTMENT – because you won’t be young forever!
Think INSURANCE – because you won’t be strong forever!
Think ENTREPRENEURSHIP – because you won’t be employed forever!